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Our Thematic Areas

01 | Entrepreneurship Skills

This policy action is primarily designed to eradicate poverty, create source of finance, employable skills and employer of labor.

02 | Education

This policy action is set up for the less privilege such as children who engage in child labour during and after school hours, children IDP camp, Refugees, orphans etc.

03 | Emotional Wellbeing

It’s of note the increment of suicide, depression and mental health. We intend to reach out by lending our voices, organize seminars with expatriates, those who have overcome mental health, depression & suicide and also a follow up team

04 | Social Welfare

Various avenues will be provided such as basic amenities for rural communities, IDP camps, orphans, refugees etc. This will be achieved by getting supports in kind and cash to get food items, clothes, shoes, provide clean water, health care services, shelter etc.

05 | Nation Building

This spans from the need of youths’ inclusions in government decision making to achieve this we intend to organize conferences that will lend a voice from the youths to the government, instillation of integrity and leadership values in kids from their basic classes by establishing clubs in their schools, talk shows and so on.

What We Care About

The NGO visited Zion Orphanage and widows’ home in Lugbe, Abuja, on the 28th of October 2018 on humanitarian outreach. We donated in cash and in kinds such as relief materials, school materials, clothes, shoes, etc. putted together by team members and volunteers and other well-meaning individuals as a way of giving back to the society and putting a smile on people’s face.