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Entrepreneurship Skills

This policy action is primarily designed to eradicate poverty, create a source of income, employable skills, and increase employers of labor etc. This is carried out through Online and Onsite training, capacity building, business summit and opportunities for funding, skills acquisition, business skills, seminars on business and finance management, social media tools, digital marketing, etc. so far, LC4NF has been able to train youths in Nigeria, Qatar, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, Sierra Leone, South Africa, The Gambia, Zimbabwe, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Uganda etc. Through its online training, Rural and Urban Women, Girls and Youths have also benefited from LC4NF physical training with startup capital and equipment. LC4NF has reached out to over 3,000 women and youths through its entrepreneurship training with certificates on Information technology skills, cake baking, Ankara craft, sanitary pad making etc. through funding and partnerships with resource persons from reputable organizations, the government, and other NGOs with mentorship and follow up after the training.

At LC4NF, we believe that equipping women and youths with the right entrepreneurship skills will not just help alleviate poverty and increase the economy GDP, it will help reduce Gender Based Violence and Crime rate.