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Lola Cater For the Needy Foundation is a non-profit organisation that seeks to improve the socio-economic development of disadvantaged persons.
We envision a society where citizens are empowered with the right skill and information for self-independence and are alleviated from poverty.


Entrepreneurship Skills

This policy action is primarily designed to eradicate poverty, create a source of finance, employable skills and employer of labour.


This policy action is set up for the less privilege such as children who engage in child labour during and after school hours, children IDP camp, Refugees, orphans etc.

Social Welfare / Social well-being

Various avenues will be provided such as basic amenities for rural communities, IDP camps, orphans, refugees etc. This will be achieved by getting supports in-kind and cash to get food items, clothes, shoes, provide clean water, health care services, shelter etc.

Blogs and events

Get involved

Become Volunteer
Our objective is to provide formal and informal education through our “Back to school campaign”, entrepreneurial skills and social well-being. By volunteering, we could make the world a better place

Partner with us

Alone we can do a lot; together we can do so much more…

LC4NF plans to partner with other well-meaning NGO’s both locally, internationally and individuals willing to be of help as we strive to key into the govt’s policy and UN SDGs 2030 vision