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Social Welfare and Social well-being

This policy action caters for people’s basic needs and mental health. This is achieved by getting support in kind and cash to get food items, clothes, shoes, provide clean water, health care services, shelter, etc. Various avenues are provided such as advocacy for basic amenities for rural communities, IDP camps, orphans, refugees, etc. With interventions such as;

Health outreaches in rural communities and online health awareness.
Safe Haven Series: This is an online safe space community which was created during the Covid-19 lockdown for people to share what they are going through, mostly as related to their mental health to seek for help. Weekly we have facilitators to engage people in the space on mental health, career development, create opportunities etc.
Summer drive: Through donations of household items such as clothes, shoes, bags, cooking utensils, learning material, toys, food items etc. We have been able to reach out to underserved communities including People Living With Disabilities (PLWD) in Kamajiji Village (Colony of PLWD in Abuja), Orphanage Homes, IDP Camps etc.